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Keeping safe and carrying on – Utility repairs during coronavirus lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic is in full swing, as a result, much of the country is in complete lockdown while we work together to flatten the curve and beat coronavirus before it consumes any more of our lives and resources. For most of us, this crisis means one thing - staying at home. This poses its own set of unique challenges,

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Am I ready for a smart meter?

When it comes to organising our spending - knowledge is power and nowhere is this more relevant than in our energy expenditure. This is why smart meters have proven so monumentally popular in recent years  - the more accurate information you have about your energy usage, the more likely you are to budget your usage accordingly. A smart metre is,

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10 reasons why your utility bills might be high

How many times have you taken a glance at your annual utility bill and drawn an audible gasp when you realise just how much you’ve spent on your gas and electricity in the last 12 months? But before you start cursing your energy provider, maybe reconsider. We’re spending more on our energy than ever before, with annual UK energy consumption

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When should you upgrade your electrics? The signs and the benefits

Can you imagine a world without electricity? Our world quite literally runs on electrical power and nowhere is this more true than in our homes. The average UK home spends an average of £58 per month on it - more than either our gas or broadband bills (the latter of which became a necessity only recently). That’s why it’s so

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Common plumbing problems and how to cope with a disaster

Our plumbing is something so many of us take for granted, but without it, our home lives would suffer immeasurably. That’s why we would always recommend calling out a plumber in the vast majority of cases when dealing with plumbing problems. Because if you make a mistake, you might end up not only making things worse but could invalidate your

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5 things to look for when choosing an electrician

We live in an increasingly connected world, where our smart devices are capable of controlling everything in our homes from the lighting to the temperature and beyond. In such a world, electricity has never been more important for domestic households and electricians have never been more in-demand. Messing about with the wiring in any home, however, is a delicate operation

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Nuisance RCD tripping – What causes it and how do I fix it?

Household electrical problems can be a major annoyance, but some pose an infinitely greater inconvenience than others. Perhaps the most common problem fault experienced by every homeowner is a tripped RCD. We’ve all been there - we’ve just put the kettle on for a cup of tea before bed and suddenly the power snaps and we’re forced to shuffle around

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Which documents do landlords need to provide tenants?

  There is so much more to leasing a property than dropping off the keys and letting your tenants get on with it, it’s an ongoing job and a relationship that will evolve over time. That’s why it’s important this relationship gets off on the right foot. When taking a new tenant (or tenants) through the initiation stage of their

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Charging electric cars in the UK – Everything you need to know

If there is one final straw that will often drive (no pun intended) diesel land petrol owners to make the switch to electric it’s not the environmental and cost-savings; it’s the fact that you’ll never have to deal with a metro station again. Before we start celebrating the end of the old fashioned Shell garage, however, it’s important to know

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Electric Boilers – Are they the bold way forward for the industry?

Whilst it was was seen as little more than the cheaper cousin of gas heating, electric heating has really come of age in recent years and has evolved into a solution that’s smarter, more sustainable and economical. But we’re aware that homeowners and landlords can be a difficult crowd to convince, so we’ve put together an article that explains not only

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A complete guide to underfloor heating

The idea of underfloor heating might come across as a little extravagant to some homeowners. It has engineered a reputation for itself as being messy and expensive - not to mention difficult to install. But when you take into account how much more effective it can be than conventional radiators and how much money you’ll save on your heating bills

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Top tips for preventing water damage

Water damage is one of the top claims for homeowners and landlords alike on home insurance. Indeed, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), insurers pay out around £2.5 million every day for ‘escape of water’ claims and almost one in five claims made on buildings and contents insurance is for damage caused by leaks. Water damage has the

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What our customers say

We have had quite a few dealings with the Company in the past. Mike and his workforce have always been very professional, efficient, polite and completely trustworthy. Consequently, we now always use Michael Surbey and his company as single source for all our electrical and plumbing work

The company has just completed a full refurbishment of one of our bathrooms. Each member of his workforce was such a perfectionist that we did not have to say anything. They even left the house in a clean condition.

We could not have enough praise for the company and would not hesitate to recommend them.

Dr Ashish Dasgupta

Cambridge Discount Electrical have always done a first rate job for us and I’d thoroughly recommend them. When we bought our first house in 2013 they installed gas central heating and rewired it. Then when we moved house in 2019 they installed gas central heating, rewired and installed a new bathroom. They did a great job, were very professional, efficient and were a pleasure to work with. Thank you!


I’m writing to say how much we have valued you and your team’s professionalism over many years.

Your last job for us, at our daughters flat, which was a completed re-wire, went very smoothly and we particularly appreciated the continuity of operative (Glen) and conscientious work scheduling. It can get unbelievably frustrating when a contractor sends different staff, intermittently, who each scratch their heads wondering what/where their predecessor was up to.

We’re almost done building and renovating now, but you still keep a watchful eye on the lets which we would also like to thank you for.

Hugh Gordon-Roe

I have used Cambridge Discount Electrical several times over a period of years for everything from fitting ceiling and outdoor lights to installing a new central heating boiler and have always been impressed with the quality of the work. The company is reliable, has a great team and very high standards of workmanship.

KC, Girton

CD refurbished our shabby home from top to bottom: 3 showers, 3 loos, bath, electrics, the lot with unfailing courtesy and skill and at reasonable cost.

Dr Stephen Halliday, Cambridge

Cambridge Discount Electrical provide us with an excellent service and have done for several years. We use them for all of our electrical needs and wouldn’t look to use anyone else now. They are very reliable and accommodating, quick to get the job done, thorough and give excellent feedback. We find their pricing competitive and their team very friendly. We would highly recommend them!

Melanie Jarvis, Marilla Garland Property Management Ltd

Excellent, honest work ethics, very fair, conscientious and skilled staff, competitive pricing. Explains everything clearly and concisely. Gets the job done, regular progress reports. Recommend highly

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