We probably spend more time than we like to admit in our bathrooms. They are, after all, one of the few places we can go to truly escape and switch off from the world where nobody will bother us. So it stands to reason we’d want to invest a decent amount of our home interior resources into our bathrooms. But what design trends are making waves in the world of stylish bathrooms today and what ideas should you be taking note of before installing a new bathroom in your own home?


We all know and understand the subtle charms of Japanese architecture and the more severe lines and natural tones of Scandinavian design. But what if they were to be combined to capitalise on the best elements of each? That’s what Japandi design is, in a nutshell, and it’s a design that is perfectly at home in the bathroom with light, basic colours, wood panelling and the overall vibe of a high-class sauna. See the header image for a perfect example of this style.

Natural greens

Green is a colour that should be as at home in a bathroom as blue. A controversial statement, perhaps, but there is definitely room for some natural greenery in your bathroom or wet room. We’re not saying you need to transform it into a jungle or anything but placing a few plants and hanging baskets around the bathtub can completely revitalise an otherwise dull room. And it’s an affordable solution too.

Terracotta tones

There’s an earthy warmth to terracotta which means it works wonders in the bathroom. If you want to bring the exotic style of a Mediterranean villa to your semi-detached house in Cambridge then this is the answer you’ve been looking for. Contrast the plain white bathtubs and sinks with warm brown tiles and woody textures and you’ll be truly dazzled by the results.

Deep blue

We know that blue is the most popular colour aside from white when it comes to our bathrooms but the kind of blues you’ll often see is duck egg blues and sky blues. Very rarely will you come across a bathroom that truly commits to deep blue oceanic tones. But it looks so good when contrasted against white baths and toilets. It’s a style that will feel at home in any home near the seaside and there are so many potential tones to explore: From aqua and azure to arctic blue and everywhere in between.

Spots of colour

The final trend we think might be taking UK bathrooms by storm in 2022 is the idea of pure minimalism when it comes to colour. This is a concept that uses a lot of natural whites but uses colour more as a flourish than a feature. Think coloured taps, the occasional bold tile and maybe a nice colourful bath mat to pull the room together?

Whatever you decide on for your bathroom refit, make sure you talk through all of your design ideas with your local bathroom installation experts. Because if it’s possible, they’ll find a way to make it a reality.