In this unprecedentedly tumultuous economy, it’s always comforting to have a solid investment to fall back on and there’s nothing quite as solid as your own home As such, homeowners will likely be looking at ways to sink more into their COVID-secure castles, particularly with winter around the corner and more uncertainty ahead.

But while the aesthetic additions might be more ‘fun’ they are also just window dressing (sometimes quite literally); where you want to look for the real value is in the home’s utilities and that’s where the plumbing comes in. Indeed, there are dozens of upgrades that could add significant value to your home and here we’ll be running you through the plumbing upgrades that offer the best bang for your buck.


1. Adding an ensuite

It doesn’t get much more bang for your buck than adding an ensuite bathroom to one of the bedrooms in your home. Now granted, this isn’t a small or inexpensive job but it’s going to make the largest impact in terms of property value. If you’re planning on selling your home at some point in the near future, this will be a particularly bold selling point for large families who might not be able to get by comfortably with just one bathroom. Indeed, for some families, it could be the thing that seals the deal! Of course, you’ll need the space first, but talk to your local plumbing expert and see what your options are. You might be pleasantly surprised.


2. Tap replacement

Over time, taps can become worn and spotted with rust and corrosion, particularly if the water in your area is quite ‘hard’ with minerals. By replacing these taps with sleeker more modern alternatives you’ll enjoy not only better performance but a fresh aesthetic. Having your old shower replaced is another affordable possibility, with even the most decadent rainfall showers available for surprisingly little outlay as long as you’re looking in the right places. They are also largely disruption-free when it comes to installation as long as you have a good plumber on the job.


3. Dual kitchen sinks

Most new homes might be fitted with dual sinks as standard (one for washing and one for rinsing dishes and food, typically) but if you’re stuck with a single sink in your existing home, it’s not too much of a hassle to bring in a second one. You might even want to consider installing a second sink in the bathroom upstairs, which would certainly make the morning and bedtime routines run a little smoother.

4. Install a dishwasher

It might seem like a luxury to some, especially those who grew up in more ‘traditional’ homes, but dishwashers are not only a convenience for ‘lazy people’. They are actually safer than washing by hand and provide a more thorough clean as long as you remember to top-up the salt and the rinse aid regularly. Not only that, but it keeps dishes and cutlery out of site, which is handy if you’re having people coming over to view the property.


5. A brand new boiler

One thing that puts off prospective buyers is the thought of having to splash out on a new boiler just months into moving in. This is why homes with older boilers often struggle to sell and why the boiler is one of the most commonly asked about things on any home visit. Upgrading an old boiler is always a wise investment, whether you’re planning on selling or staying put for years to come.