Kids grow up. There are few absolute certainties in life but this is undeniably one of them. That doesn’t need to be a scary thing though.

Indeed, there is no greater joy than watching your young children grow into fully-fledged little people and then into actual adults with personalities and responsibilities and all that good stuff.

But in those 18 years between their birth and (hopeful) escape of the nest, the needs of your home are going to change regularly and profoundly.

When you buy your first home with a young family, the primary need is a home that can help you raise your family and keep them safe, fed, and sheltered.

However, as those children grow and perhaps more are brought into the world (and don’t forget the dogs), there are bound to be conflicts.

As kids get older they’ll naturally want more space and with kids living at home for longer than ever before, there’s also the reality to consider that they might not be leaving the family until their late 20’s.

But do you necessarily need to sell your house and ‘upgrade’ to something bigger? Or are there changes you can make to your existing home to help it adapt to your growing family?

Adding space

If you are in a detached home with enough space surrounding it then you might be able to build onto it. The most common and affordable and practical home add on is obviously a conservatory or maybe a summer house in the garden, but if you have the space and can get the planning permission then you don’t have to stop there.

You could add a whole second ‘wing’ to your home, expand the kitchen and dining room for more of a spacious open-plan feel or even add another story to your home if needs be.

You’ll definitely want to consult with construction professionals and qualified engineers before going any further though as this is not a job to be taken lightly.

Water water everywhere

As you get more kids and those kids get older, you’ll notice that they are spending a lot more time in the shower, in the bath and on the toilet. That’s why so many families decide to instal a second bathroom.

There are few things in life more frustrating than waiting for your teenage son to be done on the toilet while you’re pacing up and down the landing.

The most common location for a second or even third bathroom tends to be downstairs, often under the stairs themselves. But you’ll want to consult with a professional plumber before making any solid decisions.

Making the most of the space you have

Of course, we don’t all have the luxury of a bottomless wallet or limitless space to work with. If your home is a semi-detached suburban building with a small garden then your options for expansion might be limited. In these situations, you might need to get a little creative.

Perhaps add a partition wall to one of the larger bedrooms to create two fully-functioning (but separate) bedrooms for your teenage kids?

Or maybe clean out the garage and convert it into a room where the kids can go to blow off some steam after school so you can watch what you want on the TV in the lounge. It’s all about being creative and working with the space you have.

It might be a challenge, but a good home is one that’s always evolving and adapting to suit the needs of the family.